Thursday, June 25, 2015

A fresh start



Alhamdulillah. As i think over and over again. What should i write here, this morning will mark my 1st posting for anadelisha.

Some will call me umi

Others will call umi jun

My ig name say otherwise. It's Gem. Im 27 years old. I thank Allah because ive been through such sweet and bitter moments, but He still be by my side.

Guys. If youre looking for a perfect story im sorry. Not available here. Since im not perfect yet sinful. I cant give a wondeful story life to you. Im here, to speak my mind. My soul. My heart. A tiny heart of mine.

Im simple. Like very simple. A girl who dedicated her date of birth to her mom. I celebrate my day with my mom. If only my dad still alive, i will spend it with him too. Together. InshaAllah, for my upcoming 28 years old, i'm planning a gateway vacation with her. A special place. I pray Allah gives me bless.

As for this morning, i am decided to start afresh. InshaAllah, as my struggling  to manage both master and work part time, i should not forget my mom. And family. Will save more money for her. InshaAllah.

May Allah set me as a person who walk the talks.